When to cut n let it dry

When do I cut n let dry


Looks like she’s getting there @michneal2014

I see a lot of white pistils still.

You’ll want to check the trichomes on your buds by using a jewelers loupe or a macro lens to get a good close look at them.

Here’s what to look for to determine readiness:


Khatru is correct, your trikes are just forming. His picture tells you exactly when to harvest, based on your preferred / desired outcome
Just as a note…you are in the mid stage of flowering. They will start to FILL IN, THICKEN, turn into a BUD…You want to let them grow at this point as they will start to FILL IN. You easily have 2/3 weeks or more. They are still GROWING PISTILS…let the growth continue. If you see some buds starting to look like they are done, you can harvest them and still let the plant grow. They do not always mature at the same time. Check the trichomes from INSIDE the buds, usually a little lower down, then you get a better average of the readiness of the plant. Tops usually mature first because they are right under the light and the top (apical) bud gets MOST of the nutrition. Sometimes you will see the bottom portion of the plant (the fan leaves) start to get yellow or pale…leaves give up their nutrition so the flowers can bloom


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Yea trichomes are clutch in determining harvest time and outcome…gamechanger definitely get a magnifier…Walmart, Amazon, quickest ways to get one…your looking for in my opinion bare minimum a 45x magnifier

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