When to apply chicken manure

Hi all - New to growing. Just planted a couple baby hellfire OG seeds (photo). I’m debating using composted chicken & duck manure (as we have a steady supply of it from our hens and ducks). Just not sure at what stage it should be applied? Will it suffice for flowering as well as vegetative stages? Or just vegetative? Perhaps I need to supplement with something store-bought (or something else natural) for flowering to give it that additional P and K it needs (because the manure will be highest in N, as far as I can see from reading). Also should I include additional compost (veggies, fruits, and other organic matter) or just go straight composted manure with nothing else in it? Thank you!

Hi Emily!

Are you using it as a fertilizer? If you really want to know specifically what’s in it as far as NPK you can get a soil test. What type of medium are you growing in? Bone meal is a good source for P.

@ezwl2021 I don’t see anything wrong with using it as long as it’s been composted for entirety of growth cycle! Closest thing you’ll get to T-Rex manure!

Yep using as a fertilizer in a sort of standard potting soil. I’m thinking of making a tea from it to water the plants with. The seedlings are just coming through the soil so I don’t have a ton of time. :confused:

Seedlings don’t need much food. If you are currently in a small starter pot and plan to transplant up, I wouldn’t add anything at this stage.

I make my own blend - around 60% coco peat, 30% worm castings, 10% perlite, and organic fertilizer inputs according to which stage I’m in (heavier on the P for flower). During the veg stage, that’s all they get, besides water. I don’t give them any extra food because I will also transplant up to a larger pot about every 2 weeks. I go from 4” square, to 1.5 gallon, then 3 gallon plastic, and then onto its final pot that I will flower in (7-10 gal fabric).

If I had a plentiful source of good compost like you, I’d probably substitute that for the worm castings in my recipe- though I’d worry about the manure being too “hot” to use as a base media. I’d probably use it more like a fertilizer input, like you’re planning.

If your going to use chicken manure got to go easy with it if your not composting. its real hot you can take the manure add soil with it then make tea from it or put layer for top soil

Hi Reed, Thanks so much for taking the time to help. I actually have been growing my one surviving baby plant outside all summer but just threw together a little grow room for the fall & winter. Threw just a bit of manure on top of the soil and watered it (probably a few tablespoons). Hoping that helps but I will try to make the tea asap!


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Is she flowering if so i wouldn’t in flower they don’t use alot of nitrogen