When should I transfer seedlings to new grow tent environment

What’s up everyone,

First grow. I’m in day 21. I transplanted seedlings from 1 1/2” rock wool cubes (roots were developed) to 4” cubes on day 17 (added nutes for the first time this day, Botanicare Pure Blend Pro at 1/4 strength dose). The four girls (Grandaddy Bruce) have been under a T5 since the beginning and seem to be doing ok. Since hey we’re just transplanted to 4” cubes, there are no roots on the 4” cubes yet.

My question is, “When do I attempt to put girls into grow tent?” Can I put in now or should I wait for roots to develop on bottom of 4” cubes? Eventually they’ll end up in a 4×4 tent and using a DWC with waterfall and air bubbles. I’m planning on using clay pebbles with the 4” cubes inside net pots. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

you can put them in now, just make sure you adjust the light accordingly…temp & rh need to be for seedlings

Ok, thank you for the advice. I’m getting tent dialed in with humidity, temp, ventilation, lighting, nutes, etc. Using a 680 W Growers Choice in 4x4 tent. I was also thinking for the first week to start lights at 50% (18/6 light cycle) and nutes at 1/4 - 1/2 strength dose. Will increase every week. I’ve been using Reverse Osmosis H2O and checking pH/EC. Learning as I go. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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I would start at 25/30% lights…at about 18 inches. 18/6 is fine but they can take more light…especially as toddlers. You could go 20/4 if the temps are not too high…after 4th node, you could back off to 18/6 and increase to 50%


Thanks Mike. Appreciate it!