When is it time to give up on a seed?

can a seed that didn’t sprout be revived?
All seeds germination when we’ll and planted at the same time

@Hammer it depends on if the seed hull split or not or if the seed has a fungus or bacteria on it.

Sometimes seeds will just have a really tough outer hull/shell covered in a thick wax. Usually found with wild landrace seeds or seeds bred from wild landraces from cold or extreme environments. If the seed still looks good you can try scarification and stratification.

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Yes the seeds split and germinate well. Not wild seeds. They were purchased at a well known seed bank.
Maybe just a couple of late starters?
How many days without sprouting is to long?
Thanks for your advice MDbuds

Generally I give them a week. I always germ in the soil and most usually pop within 3-5 Days. After 7 days it doesn’t sprout or if a seedling is stunted on his first two leaves I wil toss them because I need all my plants to stay within the run cycle.

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@Hammer I usually give mine 10 days then if they don’t pop up I’ll dig them out and check on them.

You can always try to juice them a bit with some liquid kelp and molasses. 1 tsp each per gallon of water. Sometimes they just need a little boost of sugars and natural hormones to sprout up and get the roots going.