When are my plants ready to harvest?

I’m on day 62 with my gorilla glue autoflowers. I believe I read it can be harvested in approximately 90 days. I “think” they’re looking good but I’ve never done this before so honestly I’m just not sure. I’m supposed to flush roughly 10 days before harvest BUT when is that exactly? Here are some pictures if it helps. Thank you


Nice to meet you!

What do your trichomes say?

Pardon me for not posting a link, I’ve been away and I’m not sure how anything works anymore.

I’m waiting for others to chime in. Why?
Because I have a plant that looks just like yours. I was just going to go pull it. I am in here looking for last minute instructions before pulling my first plant.
But you are thinking 10 days!!

I know it is all about trikes but clear, cloudy, amber can be somewhat subjective.

Here is where I am at this morning. I see clear. My wife sees cloudy. The weatherman say a chance of rain!!!

I’m growing outdoors. I have been starving this one of nutrients and minimal water. But I’m generally lost & confused.


from the pics I sent you…they can be cut now or later if you want more couchlock / sleepier buds


It looks to my eyes that there are still new pistils growing. Without a close up of the triches I would say a few (3) weeks off at least. Happy growing!
Edit: @ Dan’s pics and creator of original post. Not the second pics posted to this thread.


If they are getting light and nutrition, new calyx will continue to sprout…if left too long, this can be where foxtailing begins. Unless you just want something that is going to knock you down on the couch, HARVEST NOW…they are perfect

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Hi there I have a good thing I do when they start to bud I get fish emulsion and put it around the stock and watch it go

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