What's your intake on R O systems?

Pros and Cons if any?

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Pro is clean water.

Cons are they’re expensive and low output.

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Depends on your needs and source water. I use strictly ro/di but my tap water is liquid rock and extremely high ph. I order and change all the filters 2 times a year, so about 60-70$ just in filters. Plus you have to remineralize the water before use. But that’s one if the things I like about it. I can control what is in the water exactly.


Cost analysis required. Most RO systems waste a lot of water. When I added up the cost of a good system, water cost, and MY LABOR…It was cheaper to buy 5 gal RO from water stores. I bought water card and it reduced my cost to .16 cents a gal. 5 gal cost me .80 cents…After I had a blowout, flood, tired of crawling under sink, it is easy to see which is my best ROI

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What does RO stand for and what’s a water card?

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RO reverse Osmosis
water card - pre buying (i bought 100 gal) and they reduced the cost from 25 cents to 16 cents a gal. I just bring my card and they punch it

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I also use RO water; I have found it easier and less costly to buy from a water store. Here about $.25/Gal.


  • Clean water, 5-10ppm from a store and 20-25ppm from smaller (9gal) system.
  • My plants get only what I give them, no guessing what might be in water.
  • I think this adds to a cleaner tasting finished product.


You must go to store and fill containers and buy.

Lessons learned:

I found out the hard way how much my plants need Calcium and Magnesium. I am adding 250 -350ppm each time I water.

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