What's Wrong With My Plants?

Can someone please help me identify the issue with my plants and how I can correct it?

I may not be of any help how ever a pic of the plant itself may help others diagnose the problem you are having.

As above, a pic of the whole plant would be better. That said, what I’m seeing looks like a burn from water and nutrients perhaps slopped on the leaves in watering, and I’m guessing too much fertilizer.

Are those bottom leaves? If so maybe nothing wrong except those leaves aren’t getting enough light and are thus wilting and fading. If that is the case then nothing to worry about it is natural. Looks like a bit of tip burn so you are overfeeding a bit. Other than that doesn’t look like anything else I have ever seen or come across. Though it would be a lot easier to help with a picture of the whole plant if this doesn’t help you. Good luck and Happy Growing!!