Whats wrong with my plant

whats going on with my plant anyone know? Cream Autoflower temps humidity ph and ppm all in proper range.

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@fredgs21 looks like your light is a little too close. The tops are “tanning” instead of bleaching because you have some UVA or UVB in your light and the genes controlling anthocyanin production have been activated to make “sun block.”

It’s mostly harmless but I’d personally raise the light a bit so the leaves start “praying” instead of drooping. Leaves reaching up toward the light instead of drooping down is a sign that you have your light dialed in almost perfect for the plant.


The plant I just harvested yesterday did the same. It’s topmost leaves suntanned when it outgrew available light adjustment. I did pull it to the side somewhat, but ultimately ended up growing to within about ten inches of the light, It didn’t hurt it any, best I can tell. The cola ended up fat and frosted nicely…

@MDBuds thank you for the input, i have the light as high as it can go in the tent, so i dialed back the intensity level to 75%

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@MDBuds quick question the plant is 22" from the light and even dialed down its doing it. i got a good close look at it and it’s turning purple in color not a brown as it appears. wouldn’t that just be her fall colors from the stage she is in?

You send me to the dictionary daily :crazy_face:

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@fredgs21 yeah it could be the fall fade along with the UV. I should have asked you light information and watering schedule first.

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@MDBuds light is on 20/4 22" from plant top canopy. watering is 3/4 gallon every other day. though just in case I switched light today to a 18/6 schedule. i only water to just a bit of run off then dont water again till moisture meter shows it’s less then 3. PPM is running 638 PH is 6.3.

@fredgs21 Yeah. If you have a light that says x height at 12/12 for flower and you run it at 20/4 for autos you’ll actually want to slightly lower intensity or just under double the hanging height. So if it says hang at 8 inches at 100% for 12/12 you’d hang it between 14/15 inches at 20/4. 18/6 you’re good around 12/14 inches if that makes sense.

Watering sounds good and pH is OK.

The tanning and color isn’t an issue. The only concern I have is the leaves drooping from the light intensity but since you cut back to 75% at 18/6 we’ll see how they do in a few days.

Generally even with autos you don’t want to exceed 60 DLI without C02 or they can go limp and the excess light can actually hurt your yield.

What light are you using? Do you know manufacturer specs?

Just want to run through all the bases. It could just be one of those cultivars that just doesn’t “pray” and just stays slightly droopy. I don’t know though because I haven’t ever grown cream auto yet.


@MDBuds it is an Viparspectra P1000 according to manufacture it’s an equivelent to 250W HID. as for other details on it i’m not real sure. as for the leaves its weird cause they are so narrow compared to another plant i have. which is a Wild Hog Auto and she looks amazing. picture below of the main cola developing.

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@fredgs21 Yeah that plant looks like it’s doing great. The cream auto must just be one of those droopy ladies comparing it to your wild hog.


@MDBuds yeah at the Wild Hog is even closer to the light the tip is 18" and is doing really well overall. full view picture of the wild hog weird thing about her is she has very little foliage to it. I haven’t done really much trimming of this plant, other than leaves ready to be discarded by the plant. also, it’s developed very well with very minimal nutrients added.

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@fredgs21 that’s what a good auto should be. Ruderalis is a light feeder and generally doesn’t have much foliage and if you breed an auto right you keep those traits but increase the thc or cbd and the terpene profiles.

My Russian Ruderalis looks like that. Some of them turn purple though. Can’t wait to finish my projects with her.


@MDBuds just wanted to give you an update on the plants. look at the bud of the wild hog and cream auto.
Cream Auto’s buds

Wild Hog’s buds

I’ve harvested 60% of the wild hog and got this bin and 1 about half that.

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