What's wrong with my plant

Dear HOMEGROWN can you tell what happened to my plants. I am growing different strands Outdoors I give enough nutrients and enough sunlight but now all of a sudden it just seems they either have stopped or they are growing slowly I don’t know what it is.Here are some pictures of my plants. The plants are green but in the middle it’s a little yellow so I don’t know what that means I usually can tell if the plant is still growing by the movement that the pedals make but it seems like lately it’s not telling me anything tell me what’s wrong with them.

Pic’s never came through,
By the yellow description sounds like too much water. Very important they
dry to a very moist before re watering

Welcome. See if you can re-post a picture. Also include the part of the grow in weeks if you can.

There’s a new picture i lost count in weeks because during grow the plants were stubborn