What's up with the leaves

Can someone tell me what is wrong here ?
I’ve looked through many plant problem photos, but nothing looks quite like this…
One is a Blueberry auto in flower; The other is a Thai photo…Both are 6 weeks old…Both are indoor grown…Outside for a good flush
and water nutrients…Back inside they go…

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OPPS…What my nutrients concoction is=
1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon MG all-purpose plant food…1 crushed Tums tablet…pinch of Epsom salt…1/2 cap full of Ammonia…
1 to 2 teaspoon of Blackstrap…
That’s for veg…For flower I change the MG for 0-50-30 stuff I have on hand…Also cut back on the Ammonia to 1/4 /teaspoon…
I feed when the pots get light…
Hope this helps!!!

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time to call in the big guns…@MDBuds
looks like a cpl issues…phosphorous, watering / nutrient lock
NOTE - do not go by lower/lowest fan leaves, as plant matures, nutrition is taken from them for the flowers …
nitrogen deficiency image
heat stress image
ph issues - affecting nutrient absorbtion image
magnesium deficiency image
root issues / watering practices image


OK…Mike, do you see anything wrong with the nutrients mix I’m using…Also,did you get the gmail on a supply order…

@Wildbill do you know the bioavailability of your 0-50-30 or the source of p and k in that nutrient?

It looks like potassium and calcium deficiency but it could also be lock out from hi phos and nitrogen.

Before I tell you to top dress with some kelp meal and potassium supplements I want to make sure it isn’t phosphorus locking out potassium and calcium.

Checking soil pH will help tell you too. If soil pH is low it will start locking out potassium and calcium and low soil pH is often caused by high phosphorus and nitrogen in the soil or because feedings aren’t being Ph. Molasses can bring soil pH down too if you don’t adjust the pH of the feeding with some pH up or liquid kelp.


no. I I did not…please resend
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No,you did not…Yellow submarine for 20ker

Thanks for the advice…Both the plants received a good flush, and then a light nutrients feed…They are happy plants now…