Whats this? Its all over

Anyone know what this is?

i just lost one plant to something else

I only know a few reasons why leaves turn black
Overwatering and then fungus sets in…
Phosphorous issue

If it is a fungus, leaves will be a little slimy at the black area - usually a sign to destroy / remove the plant as it will spread to others

You could spray with a fungicide solution as a last resort…if it is mold /fungus

Sweet thankyou! They are outside and its hundred degrees with 80% rh. We had a ton of rain and then its a drought. I was thinking fungus gnats and i ordered a natural fungicide called growers ally and ordered some vitamins. We wont have rain for several days so perhaps doing a peroxide solution tonight then treat with fungicide a couple of days later.

I actually used much of the concept / foundation of this product to develop my nano micelle solution. I wanted an ALL IN ONE, using bio organic bacterial, vitamins, potassium and the micelle’s to prevent / cure mold, target specific insects (gnats, mites, thrips, white fly, certain caterpillar, etc (few more) but not harm beneficial organisms (like DE does), and a RESIDUE cleanse (anyone who has used any oil based product can tell you about residue. Do NOT use in middle of the day…spray at night, first thing in the morning and heavy (the solution you bought is a little too gentle and you need a GOOD coating to retard and prevent mold)…rain will wash it off…

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Should i still use it? I got it and its mostly citric acid. Then water, lactose and ethyl lactate.

there is nothing wrong with it…be careful with the citric acid as that can burn the flowers…try not to spray them too heavily
As a spray, it will help with soil borne insects but too heavy and the citric acid can affect soil ph

Got it thanx🥰 i should have checked the ingredients first… being a baker i got everything but the the ethyl lactaye in my pantry