Whats the best 2 part nuit

Whats the best 2 part unit lookin to switch??

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what is it you are looking for…not enough info for me

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Jus looking to simplify and ensure my girls are getting what they need I use root organics aurora it’s like 10 bottles all together and I still feel as if I may have been missing something in my grow so I thaught maybe simplify a little bit so it doesn’t take an hour to water each plant

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Or if uk of a good program to refer I’m starting my 3rd grows I’m still a beginner

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@Casey ok you are looking for nutrients that are 2 parts… I can only recommend what I use which is the General Hydroponics Flora series in DWC.

Maybe you should try the new products from HomeGrown and let the forum know what you think of them


Casey what medium are you growing in?
I found the easiest simple solution for me concerning nutes was. I start with a big box stores 40# bags of Potting soil. It will say feeds for 4 months. I mix it at a rate of 50% Potting soil with 25% perlite and 25% coco or peat moss. Then I ad 2 cups of Black Cow compost per gallon of mix. With that soil mix I can plant and then water as needed untill time to harvest. Nothing else needed.

It does a good job growing cannabis. Now to get my premium smoke with huge yields I add a few things. When I plant my sprouted seeds I mix in 1 ounce Blood meal. Then I add pH up or down through out the grow to keep pH in balance. I ad cal mac when needed I use liquid nutrients for extra food. I’ll use any of them that are made and sold for growing cannabis. You want one of the set that come 3 bottles in the set. I buy witch ever one that’s on sale. The cheapest set is always what I buy. They all work fine. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer and you will grow some awesome buds.

You can grow some decent buds with just the poting soil mix. Or you can grow premium buds with a little extra nutes.

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Awsome sounds perfect I appreciate it popop65 I’m gnna mix the soil and use the extra nuits when needed

What ph do u grow with popop65

@PopPop65 What ph do u grow with