What's happening to my flowers

I hope you can see but there is what looks like the stem has carried on.??
It looks different to anything else I have grown. Does it look more sativa? I usually grow indicas but this is an unknown seed that is 7 1/2 week since flip.

Seems like a sativa trait that far in flower, nice lady and happy growing!

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So do you think it will stack up still. I’m gonna leave it a couple of weeks at least

Some sativa strains have a tendency to foxtail , I’m not sure but it could be a heat issue as well. My foxtail plants never did stack up.

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Pistils on the new growth yet?

It could be heat too high or it could be a revegging issue. Are you certain your lights are on 12/12? I have had that exact thing happen and it turned out to be light leaking into vents in the tent from the other outside of tent sources, it doesn’t take much to make them switch. Look up re-vegging and they look exactly like that. Good luck with your finishing.

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