What ya feed at in promixx

What ya feed at I just ran 850 threw my auto I thought they don’t need feeds like photos?? It’s looking to me if I was to feed her like a photo she would blow upp but I also am first attempt and I only busted out a rd1000 for 1 auto she’s what I think is ok feeding at 850 today 6.2 pH and ro was 750 soooo yaa :+1: I think and pointers ?

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What do you mean 750 ro? I’d bump it up bit by bit and watch you leaf tips for burn then back off.

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I see tips a bit already. Fluctuate pH. Dwhat you growing in

When u feed a plant a certain ppm like 850 and it come out at like 750 it shows me she’s eating the lil tips it cause I use tap H20 so might b lil clorine but thought they eat less than photos and it’s not looking like that ro mean runn offf

Pure blend pro botanicare

Tit autos treat like photos don’t be shy to feed them I got a oz then a hp buy being more efficient with it but any way :v: