What to do with clippings

Can I use my clippings to make oil?

Depends on the clippings. If you’re pruning fan leaves before she’s gone into flower, those won’t do much for you. If you’re trimming buds, absolutely.

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male plants are not really worthy of anything other than mulch / green smoothies. Females…yes, dry, grind, decarb (has to be heated to approx 240-280 ° f for about 30 minutes to make oil / tincture, butter / etc

(Talking fan leaves here?) They are good to add to your compost if you do so…, have to watch for excessive nutrients when taken from vegative plants if you are ingesting. (Dont smoke em’)…, but when harvested at the end you can make a multitude of things from them. Yet they will always have that green taste., but it’s not always about the “Stone” it’s about the healing, compounds abound unbeknownst that may be great for the system.(Sugar Trim) make that "non-solvenless"or Dry sift’, unless you have a multitude of bud to use…! :sunglasses: - Leaves from a Male toss in the compost (Always)…:point_left::sunglasses::call_me_hand:

I was just thinking of asking the same question.
I used to keep a bag for any and all clippings. This would be from stashes I bought. I saved them to add to my “stew” for editables. Be sure to bake them as with anything for edibles or else your butter will be really harsh.

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