What to do ? Leaf tips are curling up, down, all over

Second grow getting closer to harvest ( GG4 ). Switched to bottom watering this grow in 5 gal bags and all was fine. No more fungus gnats - but created a new problem - algae. Took care of that problem and bought some ac infinity self watering grow bag bases to hopefully prevent in the future…

Its day 40 of a 55 to 65 day grow and I have only added nutes once when they needed. Soil is FFOF mixed with 30% perlite. Everything was fine but girls are looking a bit troubled now. Question is do I dare add any more nutes with only a few weeks to go till harvest ? Or just let it ride with plain ph’d water?

Sorry - forum wont let me post pics today…maybe later

Let’s see em can’t say shit without a look

Sorry… forum posting was giving me a problem yesterday…