What the heck!?

My photos prematurely flowered and as time has gone by, they didn’t really reveg. Or maybe they did. I have never seen this before. The ‘buds’ are sticky, smell great, under a loup they have some trichomes, but there are practically no ovules. Anybody have any ideas?
Should I give up, wait, cut off wherever there is ‘bud’?641 647 648 649 650

Let it go its budding

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@MDBuds any insight?

@Stygie it appears that you weren’t getting enough light when you put them outside and they started to flower for a week or two and then began to reveg. The spot you choose should receive 14 hours or more of daylight not including the twilight hours before dusk and dawn. Preferably a spot that has both south eastern and some south western exposure. If you have them on the north side of your property try moving them to the south side.

That kind looks like the top of wheat stalks to me. Are you sure you didn’t plant wheat by accident?:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Should I pull them and start over? Are these now ruined?

They should be fine. They’ll just monster crop.

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