What’s Wrong With My Grow

My buds aren’t dense at all! Could it be the container, maybe the sun exposure-not enough. What wrong and how can I correct this for my next grow. I am a beginner! I even think it’s going late into the harvesting period


Welcome to the forum @Growingforfun.

We will need more info such as strain, grow time, grow method etc. Pics would be very helpful.


Welcome @Growingforfun !! Like @Rye said Pics would give us a better idea of what you’re working with.


Are you using CO2?
Also are you adding growth regulators like the Pro do?

I am on my first Grow, so I’m no one to ask, but…
Two weeks ago when my flowers began to appear, I added a Taste (about 1/4 dose) of Bloom Booster. Then, about one week ago, I began watering them with a weak mix of Molasses (2 teaspoons/gal). My upper buds have fattened & gained weight considerably…the lower buds are still just airy Foxtails. I’m going to harvest the thickest cola today, as it’s up against the lights (and I cannot move them any higher). I am hoping not to shock the plant too much, and hoping that the increased Light (plus additional Feed) will fatten up the remaining buds. I now have a Jeweler’s Loupe (el cheapo) and will check the pistils/trichomes before doing so. It could be, that the shriveling and Brown/Red color of the top pistils is Light Burn…I don’t know. Here’s a pic from 2 days ago. Will post an update in a few days. Anyway, this is where I’m at.

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(one hour later) I harvested ONE cluster of buds only. They were up against the lights anyway. Examined them thoroughly, using 60x magnifier: Trichomes cloudy, pistils about 1/2 white & 1/2 reddish/brown & shriveled, all the way down (about 8 inches’ worth), so probably not light burn. My first harvest! Buds are much fatter than in the above pic, and holding them in my hand, they have some Heft. Amazing, what a difference a couple of days can make. Now the mid-and-lower buds can get plenty of light. They are all Sticky with resin, but the trichomes are still Clear and the pistils are still white. Will know in a month or so, how Good or Awful it is. :smiley: