What’s going on with this one plant?

Hello all, haven’t posted since I started my grow.

Currently just surpassed week 3 in my grow. I have 4 autoflowers going, 1 AK-47, 2 Deelite and 1 Pineapple Express(the only non Homegrown seed, from Barney’s).

I transplanted on Monday from solo cups to 3 gallon pots. When doing so I noticed some small yellow spots on the P.E. Transplanted, fed with Foop and decided to just keep an eye on it. Checked this morning and the yellow spots have grown rapidly and have some brown in them. None of the other plants are showing any signs of this, or other issues.

What is this and what do I need to do to correct it? Below I’ll list some grow info.

Solo cup - FFHF
3 gallon pot - FFOF

Nutrients: Foop

Water: RO water from Walmart - ph 6.2-6.4

Light - Mars Hydro SF1000 - 24hr lights on - currently at 50% and 18”
Tent: AC Infinity 2x4
In-line fans- 2x AC infinity, always on, positive pressure setup.

Humidity - 55-60%
Temp - 70-72F
VPD - 1.02

Temp/humidity all controlled by AC infinity Controller 76’s.

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@MDBuds any insight?

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@Wired2wander looks like you started getting some calcium/magnesium deficiency before transplant. The new growth is healthy though so just keep an eye on the new growth and monitor it. It probably used up all of the nutrients in the cup and needs some time to get the feeder roots out into the new soil.

Calcium is immobile so when the issue is fixed it won’t green up the damaged leaves again like with early nitrogen/phos/potassium issues but calcium deficiency will show up on the newer growth with virtually the same symptoms as the magnesium issue.

Magnesium is mobile so it will move from the older leaves to the newer leaves to encourage growth and photosynthesis. You’ll know a magnesium issue is fixed if no more yellow spots appear other than what is already damaged.

Just to be safe though I’d suggest a slurry test to make sure the extra feed isn’t lowering soil pH too much so cal/mag doesn’t get locked out. FFOF already has a lower pH (says 5.8-6.5 but every time I used it it was right at 5.8) and foop usually comes in around 5.8-6.2 when I used it. It’s why I don’t usually use FF0F by itself. I always amend it and pH it to 6.5 before I use it. It’s really easy to get pH lockout of cal/mag in FFOF.


@Wired2wander also, no need for nutrients in FFOF usually for at least a month or two.

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Thank you, I really appreciate it.

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