What is wrong with my plants?

  • Bruce Banner fast version feminized- They are in 5 gallon pots happy frog soil with 100% worm castings. In a marshydro 4x4 grow tent with a TSW 2000W Led grow light on 50% at 24 inches from the top of the plant. RH stays between 40-45. Room temperature 70-77 well ventilated with fresh air. I do a wet dry watering cycle. This is day 68. To me they look deformed. Can anyone give me suggestions. These are 2 separate plants

first- looks like soil is a little hot, thus the nute burns on leaf tips
2nd - rh is too low for plants this age, should be up closer to 70%
3rd - Pretty big containers for small plants - leads to overwater situation


My power went out all day and so when it was time for the lights to be on i carried them outside today. It was sunny and 86 out. Hopefully that didnt hurt them.

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I think you have are a bit low on humidity for veg. Also, possibly need a soil flush, 6.0 ph water. Check soil ph, happy growing!

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plants grown indoors need to be gradually introduced to outdoors, they will fry
keep them in the shade, won’t hurt


Didnt not know this thank you!