What is topping

What is topping a plant?

You’ll probably get a lot more info if you type that phase into Google. Also at the bottom of this page you are reading are some links (“Grow your own”) that will take you to articles on the topic.

It’s when you snip the growth tip from a branch (usually the tallest ones) to encourage the plant to develop other branches. Normally this results in the topped branch “forking” into 2 growth tips.


this is topping

this is fimming

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Thank You so much guy’s. One more question, is a node a leaf or branch?

Node - place on a stem where branches sprout, not leaves
the top bud (apical) is actually a node. It you top, you will get 2 nodes
lower down, where the branches sprout out, those are nodes. You can have 1, 2 or 4 branches from a node area