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![20221103_123425|443x500] (upload://5nsmeUC406FVMdJs7QXBdOZcIRy.jpeg) Trying to figure out what has started happening to my photo. Was trying to veg for awhile to take some clones and then it just suddenly got some d eep ridges in the leaves and a permanent droop. Not sure if i let it dry out too much or stressed it too much. Temp and humidity are kindnof all over the place. Has been a struggle for sure. In a grow tent in the shed so not sure how to regulate humidity and keep temperature up some more. Open to any and all suggestions here. This seems to be the best resources i have aside from reading. Haven’t found much on these ridge leaves

Undoubtedly the temperature is very low, if it is a difficult thing to solve try to reduce the humidity to balance, leave it around 30%. In addition, these points downwards seem to me to be excess water and fertilizer. but i’m a newbie too.

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Yeah this is the lowest the temp got, but seems i cannot get over 60 or so. My problem there with keeping it warmer is the garage door doesn’t close all the way atm because we have my father in laws boat trailer sticking out some so these colder nights have been killing me. Should i just stick a small dehumidifier in there for humidity? I have a really big one and a really small one. The big one would take a huge section of the tent up so that probably wouldn’t work. Thanks for trying to help!

@Kronic can you help me out here?

Hey buddy! Not Kronic, but I am gonna give it a go and maybe he could destroy what I say or back it up. So I am assuming that moving the trailer outside is not an option so you could close the door? To me this seems like the major in this situation as closing the door could help immensely.

It also appears you are using fabric pots which also don’t help the situation. You really need to get the girls warm somehow and get your humidity fixed because the spot you are in right now is prime for bud rot and mold if you were in flower. Great news is you aren’t in flower yet so humidity might not be the root factor as much as the cold. I would suggest a propane heater or something of that nature to balance the temps.

Definitely get them off the floor if that is where they are. I think there are also other options as far as heaters for the actual pots and what not. All depends on your budget. Then maybe a dehumidifier or something to take some of that moisture out of the air. There are also ways to wrap your pots to keep the root zone warm as well.

While cold temps can help bring out great colors, at extremes they will be the quickest way to off your plants.

I hope this helps in some way shape or form as I am still learning also, I feel as though I have a lot of knowledge that I have gained that could possibly help as well. One love

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On the cold nights in NC I put a heating pad between my two fabric pots in my super small greenhouse and my plants didn’t suffer a bit. Just saying

I believe you over watered your plants