What is causing this?

Here are some pics of my Critical KusH in her 4th week of flower. I’ve had no issues whatsoever until the last 48 hours. As can be seen, the leaves went from perfectly healthy to this in 2 days. Diagnosing the problem is always a problem for me. Feed Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect products and have for years and use their dosage to the letter with RO water. I’m just looking for someone with better diagnostic knowledge than me to fix this problem.

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@stickyfingers Do you spray the leaves with anything?

No I haven’t. Other plants is the same tent are fine

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Looks like it may be the beginnings of calcium deficiency. Sometimes low ph can cause calcium lockout. Can you check the ph of your soil or water? If you can’t, maybe some powdered lime mixed into the topsoil can fix it.

Do you add any of their SensiCal? I add some to about every 3rd bucket of their lineup when I feed mine. And maybe every couple of weeks I give them some Epsom salts on a water day.

I see you have an air pot, what size if I may ask? I am currently using a 3 gal.

They are 5 gallon. I’ve used them for years