What Is Bud Rot?

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Bud rot is a type of mold caused by the fungus, botrytis cinerea. The term “bud rot” describes how the fungus attacks cannabis plants – it rots the buds from the inside out. This fungal disease is also known as “gray mold” due to its dark gray color, but the mold can be brown, too.…


I wish I would have had access to something like this months ago. Great post.


Thank you Kimberly! On our website we publish regular in-depth content for home growers.


Thank you guys so much

Hey Y’all, I done did it this time, must not have had good enough airflow in one of my tents (took out the fan a couple weeks ago out of one tent to move to my drying tent) and got grey mold on one of my ladies about to finish. Think I pulled it as soon as it was visible on just one lady, hoping I got it fast enough… 080489b1a0112216185886fba3005f65

Immediately pulled the plant/chopped sealed it in a bag away. Now I’m just hoping it didn’t spread to my photo tent. Any advice on cleaning/prevention? Neem oil maybe? I’m worried because I definitely detect a mildewy smell in my grow room and have plants in all stages of life and unsure of the best path at the moment. :upside_down_face:

Edit: This happened yesterday and I’m happy to report there is no mildew smell in my room anymore so I might have gotten it, still doing a clean today.

@CoolBubs milk treatments are always the best imo. Next on my list is garlic oil treatments. Final is h202 treatments.

All are cheap and you can do with things from your kitchen or medicine cabinet.

I’d use those first before dropping money on those mold/mildew treatments because they’re expensive and not as effective as milk or H202.


Go with what @MDBuds said. If those dont work next I’d check your soil that’s still in the room, and after that the ventilation system in the grow area.

Wondering if adding a UV light will help prevent some if the airborne stuff we deal with. I’m planning to use mine this grow. But I am curious if it will have a preventive affect for stuff like mold, PM, etc.