What is best topping technique

How many times and at what node do I start topping my plants to produce best yields in 7 gallon bags. 6 plants in a 5x5.

You want to fim for more yield

Are they autos or photos

You top you get two tops if you fim you get 3 sometimes 4 tops

Every time you top you double the colas2=4 4=8

Thanks. I think I’m getting the idea

I go between 4th and 5th tier. Cut stem. Soon as it grows next leafs and node cut node

Their photo plants. I would like a large firm yield.

This plant i topped then fimed

but alot of use don’t do that


well you can’t get carried away with a 5X5. Do a lot of LST. or they will fight for space.

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Wow. Looks great. How many times did you top for that one?

One time top then fimed im trying something new i top one time then LST where i wanted it then fimed

It really depends on you. What works best. As you grow you’ll find what works for you maybe different from me or someone else

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LST??? Acronym? Not Heard of that

Right because the picture that plant is about 4x4

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Low stress training and its fun to do for me

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You will learn all about it on this format i don’t have pictures right now but in this picture you can see where i tied the branches down to get the middle branches to catch up

When it’s ready to top. You can start bending it

look close you will see all the paperclips i used. Topped once

Awesome. Thanks so much.