What is a good height for OG Skunk plants?

Has anyone here grown OG Skunks? I’m in week 8 of veg and my two Skunks are only 15” and 12” tall. Otherwise very healthy. Does anyone know the optimum height for this particular strain?

That depends on how much room you have indoor or outdoor

I understand that part, but it’s week 8 and they aren’t even close to 2 feet tall, is that normal? This is an indoor grow.

How close is your lights you can start raising the light it will make it start stretching

What size pots are you useing

Using Spider Farmer 2000 LED, it’s hanging about 20 inches above. They are in 20 gallon pots.

everything sounds pretty normal to me, good light & plenty of room for roots, i think that light has adjustable power setting? & if so what setting is the dial on? my white widows exploded when i turned up my mars ts1000…have it on 100% now.

It does have a dimmer, but I keep them on 100%

cool, if they are healthy i would just keep doing what your doing, alot of waiting , but sometimes they just dont seem like they are doing too much, then suddenly they explode with growth, im sure there will be some more experienced growers chiming in with good info when they check in, i think everybody is busy in the garden.

I would try to post pics if your able??

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Rising the light may help and give them girls 4 more wks

Try low stress training, open them up

They def look healthy, as mentioned you can raise your light & look up lst ‘‘low stress training’’ & that will open the bush up to get more air flow & light to the interior, but all in all they look healthy to me…lst is pretty easy & has worked well for me, even though im still learning about growing as we all are…

It is a Sativa dominant strain but only 60/40. Many times phenos will lean towards the indica side. As a sativa dominant, she should STRETCH when you get to flower. Sativa are well known for 2 to 3 feet of growth during flower phase. When I look at the pics, seems these are leaning towards the Indica side…at 8 weeks of veg, I would flip, or at leat in 2 more weeks…and give alt least 2 feet of stretch room, probably will only go1.5…do not overstress or overtrain…not an easy strain for growing
it looks healthy and good size container so root is not a problem. Lights are ok height for growing…
Sometimes, under BLUE light spectrum, plants dwarf…stay small but it really does look like an Indica rather than a Sativa…just an observation. Are any of the lamps in the light out? Is it from Spider or a 3rd party? The internodal spacing is SO TIGHT I would assume there is TOO MUCH BLUE light…Thee should be so much more space between the nodes, they are all cramped…puzzling.

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I appreciate all that info!

Mike, thanks for the info. When I first started out my plants as seedlings, the lights I was using were pretty crappy cheap LEDs off Amazon. A lot of my plants ended up dying from what I believe to be a lack of light. Then I switched to the Spider LEDs and brought these 2 back to life. Do you think it’s possible from all that stress they could’ve been dwarfed or something?

Stress can easily cause RUNTS…If you are low on seeds, let me know and I can send some your way

Mike, thanks again. I have a handful of feminized seeds right now, but I’d be interested in some male seeds so I can breed my own source of seeds. If you have any extra? I had a bunch of regular seeds but they all turned out to be female.

No such thing as MALE seeds…there are regular (not feminized) but that is a 50/50 crap shoot for a boy
I can hook you up but lets not do it on this site…I do not want to be considered competitive with HGC…it is their community and I don’t feel it would be kosher to do that
hit me up at
[email protected]

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