What happened to my seeds

Bought 5 seeds from this company, 1st I planted 2 to try it out, I soaked it in water and when it sank it meant it’s ready to plant so I got the best soil for them and a heat lamp after 3 weeks saw nothing so I looked to see if anything inside the dirt was growing? Could not find them.
So then I planted the other 3 seeds this time on a wet paper towel and saw they sank to the bottom of a glass of water, planted them 2 weeks ago, did not see anything and when I looked for them in the soil again they disappeared? WTF? 5 seeds, 5 failures and what gets me? I plant flowers, vegetables and trees and have no problem with them but not pot seeds?

if you bought 5 and they failed to germinate, use the guarantee…If you had sprouts (from the ones in paper towel) and cannot find anything, either you have insects in you soil that ate them or you cooked them

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How can I get bugs inside a bag of soil from a garden center? I use the same stuff for my flowers and vegetables? It’s special blend on soil that I got with plant food. I got this: it’s special for growing cannabis (copied it for you)

Fox Farm’s Happy Frog Potting Soil

Fox Farm’s specialized line of soils for cannabis are some of the most widely acclaimed grow mediums available. If you’re beginning your grow journey from the ground up, [Happy Frog] is an excellent soil to nurture seeds and seedlings.especially cannabis.

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very easily. You have to remember these are organic soils and especially with Covid, many were OLD stock. Then Monsanto bought them out and there was a delay in shipment for a while. Many old stocks contain Gnats, Thrips, other soil borne insects that devour baby roots. Larvae love to feed on soft new fresh root.
Alternatively, you could have cooked them. Many times people make the seedling beds too hot (temperature / nutrition based). Personally, I set at 75°f…For some reason, many go to 80/85° and that can cook a sprout, especially if the watering is not done properly. They can ROT out also if the soil is too moist. Many of us OLD TIME growers consider FoxFarm too hot (nutrition wise) for seedlings. We germinate in coco and peat, sometimes with perlite (but not the Miracle Grow brand as it is amended with nutrients).

Yea that sucks and you were so patient. I would use the paper towel method and put the plastic wrap and a rubber band over the cups to help keep things out as well. There is no majic to them disappearing. Somfin ate them as I just don’t see the shell melting in that time frame. If you watered its possible they floated off from there placement. I actually have no problem leaving the top of the shell visible. Just so the root is pointed down.

I’ve used a lot of the Happy Frog soil and you really do want to check bag dates. That stuff is packed with good mycelium and it will grow its own little ecosystem if set long enough … and if a bag is left open at all… bugs love it. Opened a “new” bag last week and 1/3 the bag was fungi and gnats.

either way, if you followed sprouting as recommended by HGC, file for the guarantee

What’s that a guarantee? Also I did everything the growing books said and did not see any bugs in that soil, I had dvd seeds germinate at around 70 degrees and added a sun lamp on it every day and watered it just enough to soak.
As a gardener it’s embarrassing since all my plants grow large and well

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at the bottom of the page is the form / process to submit a claim

I’ve had the same thing happen from seeds from this company as late, however, I had 12 failures. Didn’t disappears like yours just never rooted. My belief is their seeds have gone to crap and still selling them.

I wonder if this is a Chinese company they treat you as such. Send pics, pics sent. What type of paper towel you using? For real? Not worth the trouble, just let all your friends know.

I know if you have ground squirrels/chipmunks they will eat seeds if there outside

Oh and they must be able to smell them and they dig them up and eat them

you put your beans in a cup of warm water in darkness till they sink, then you cover with 2 paper towels till the beans open and you see a white tap root then when growing autoflowers sow the seed with tap root half an inc deep, my auto beans germanate in 24 hours 99.9% of the time then pop in 48 hours with autos this is a 72 hour prosses, your mistake was sowing your beans before they had a tap root so im afraid you will have to start again.