What happened to my plant?

This is a clone I have been growing for about 10 weeks from planting clone in soil,

I am not sure if I over water, under watered, or burnt the plant with the dirt warmer I have wrapped around the pot ??? —> I grow in a grow box temp around 65-75

What’s your guys best guess ???

The night before it was full and beautiful

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@Dino So what did you do yesterday to it? Did you just wrap the dirt warmer, or have you been using that all along? Are the pots heavy? How does the soil feel, moist, tinder-fart dry? Did you transplant yesterday, maybe damaged the roots?

Nothing wrong with 65-75 temps, the last 6 weeks mine were in 60-70 temps, if that! I don’t wrap warmers around the pots. Altho I’m thinking of putting 2" Styrofoam under my tent floor to keep it warmer for the next crop.


My guess is putting the warmer on your pot dried out the root system and the plant is in desperate need of water. It looks that way too. You shouldn’t need a warmer unless the temp drops below 60 I would think…just keep it off the floor somehow.


Yesterday all I did was spray some water on the leaves because I was going to water it today, now I’m thinking it was out of water and the heater totally boiled the roots, I gave it water this morning and it has not changed as of now ! Almost looks worse !!

And I’ve had the heater pad around the pot for a couple weeks now !

I think my warmer was overkill for sure !!

I watered this morning and as of now it hasn’t changed if anything it looks worse!!!

I’m afraid she’s not gonna make it

could be over watering…I am no expert. I run my plants from day one with a half gallon every two days and it never fails…very little if any runoff is how I play it. When they are younger it is much different. I have watched literally 100s of videos and read hundreds of posts and I still do but I have my own way of doing things based on everything I have learned and it is still a work in process. Find your own way is my best advice and have fun…quit following and start leading.

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I think its dead maybe from being overwatered

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Try picking up the pot and judging the weight next time i had that happen to me a few times they just die maybe root rot.

Normally when it drys it will lose life some leafs being lowered could be in need of water but soil looks wet.