What did I do wrong

Dont know what I did wrong but I grew ak47 auto indoors and it only grew about 8 inches tall and went to bud. What I’m left with is a bonsi looking plant, kind of cute but just did not grow taller. The buds smell great and the plant is fine except for size. Please help

@mike sounds like you used the wrong substrate maybe. Autos like a light airy substrate so they can root better. Bigger root system means bigger plant.

Normal potting soils without added peat, coco, etc… can be too dense for autos when it compresses over time with watering and it affects root development and stunts the plant.

Granted autos don’t usually get very big to begin with but 8 inches is pretty small for an ak47 auto unless it is a dwarf auto.


Auto’s also stress easily which leads to stunting. Anything from handling, to nutrient issue, to environment and substrate as MDBuds says. I grow my autos in a 2/3 soil, 1/3 coco or peat, add 10% more perlite. They like that SOFT substrate…And, sometimes it is just a runt. Happens…not every seed is a star


Oh so thats what i did wrong with my auto widows. Thanks MDBuds! Mike sweeney : i used a mixture of potting soil and gofer dirt thinking it would be loose and airy but it was so dense at the end… like clay.