What could cause this on wedding cake only on 2 sites

What could cause new growth to look purple on wedding cake in 5 gall fabric pot in pro mix hp.

A little more information could help. The questions I have are as an outdoor or indoor? Is it a big plant or a young plant?

I’m guessing it’s outdoor by how wet the big sun leaf in the background is. If it was indoor your grow room would be awful wet and messy right now.

I would try to not let those leaves get so wet once the sun is up. It looks to me like the start of a little bit of dark mold. It grows on the surface of the leaves especially a fresh cut like that. First I would try to rinse it (I know I suggested keep it dry) with a little dish soap (drop or 2 in a spray bottle)and my fingernail and toothbrush. If it washes away fine leave it alone. If it does not pinch that whole area out. The plant will grow past that no problem unless it’s a tiny little seedling. Now keep it dry there at the site in question especially.

It could also be frass from bugs. The bugs come to feed on the juices from the new cut and defecate while they are feeding. The bug poop then can cause other molds to grow. Start with the soap rinse. If it doesn’t rinse cleanly away then pinch away. Especially if it’s just in two spots. I would not do anything drastic to the grow. Especially without more proof of bugs.

But I NEED to follow up on those wet sun leaves. Unless this is the crack of dawn you shouldn’t be getting your leaves that wet. The sunlight on the little droplets act like magnifying glasses. We’ve all heard it before, but I can see on that wet sun leaf some burn marks that look like classic water drop burns. I did that to my plants watering too late one morning very recently myself. I have the exact same spots. A couple of them look like they could be the start of some leaf miners, so watch that the linear ones do not grow longer. But I don’t think so because those leaf miner tunnels usually keep going along the leaf and don’t stop like that. I think they were just flatter droplets of water burning in the sun longer.

I guess the main thing is try not to get your leaf so wet in the sun. Especially after a fresh cut. Try watering low to the ground so you’re not splashing up on the leaves like that. I have huge raised beds with other things besides cannabis so I know that’s hard to do some times. Use lower power and aim low with the hose or can.

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Welcome to the forum too. Some of the usual friendly greeter types are not around anymore. I tend to drop out for a month or two now and then (life yikes) but I always come back. Either way welcome to the forum. :hugs:

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Also where are you growing? If you are in Nevada desert then it’s probably not mold and most likely bugs. If you live in the Pacific Northwest or the Florida coast and it’s probably more likely humidity caused mold and not bug related. See where I’m going with this? I guess I will circle back to a little more info could help.

Nice to meet you George and happy growing.

In Virginia. Outdoor and I use dr Zymes 2-3 times a week for preventative measures and the other spot has grown larger and the purple color has faded into the leaves. I used loupe to scope no critters crawling. Read articles on interwebs that possible phosphorus related. New grower using nectar for gods. Just checked and a new growth this morning has a bit of purple on it as well.

looks like mold to me

I don’t think it’s phosphorus. It looks like you’re barely in preflower and a phosphorus deficiency won’t show its ugly head until later in flower. My gut keeps screaming to me those dark areas look like mold. They must look more purple in the natural sunlight because I’m not getting the purple in the photo. I’ll have to take your word for it I’m just seeing dark mold color.

You said you are spraying the dr zymes as a foliar spray 2 to 3 times a week. I humbly suggest cutting that out for a week to 10 days and see what happens. It looks like it’s a citric acid and yeast and potassium as the main ingredients. To be honest I’ve never seen mold quite present itself like that and cannabis plants. But I’ve seen it do that on the roses plenty of times in the same color even. Sorry to go on a tangent but you don’t have it growing near any roses do you? I’ve also seen that exact dark mold on pear tree leaves before. You don’t happen to have it resting under or near any pear trees do you?

If it were my plant, I would stop using dr zyme spray for a week to be scientific about it and see if it goes away. I am not saying the spray doesn’t work, i am saying continually wetting the plants if they’re having mold is counterproductive even if it’s with the product that’s supposed to help with that. If that makes sense? If it clears up for letting the leaves be dry a week, maybe only spray once a week instead of the three times a week moving forward.

If you’re seeing some more spots in the new growth like you said, I would get assertive and cut those areas out like cancer. If they don’t wash away clean and are actually in the leaves and not just on top.

Otherwise if It was still showing (strain I loved) I would take clones and do some experiments see if it manifested in the clones in the future grow, or see if a different area in the garden produced better results without the mold in the future grow. If I didn’t love it and it was just a plant to me, just make a note and ditch that strain. For example I can’t grow granddaddy purple or agent orange where I live. They turn into masses of musty mold every time I try fucking moisture. .

You could also try hitting up mike mrb53004. He has developed a nano micelle spray that’s supposed to have good results with molds. Especially supposed to work better than the citric acid sprays. Lots of people here have used it here with good results.

But I would still try stopping ALL leaf sprays for a week or so and see if that plant just needs to dry out on the leaves first.

Sorry I don’t have a better answer. Good luck.

Welcome @George. Glad you found us. So you said on the other leaf the color seemed to spread into the leaf as it grew. Can you post a pic of that as well? I’m initially in agreement with it being mold but I’d like to see that other pic first.

@George are you overwatering? What’s the temp and humidity? It seems as if your humidity is way to high with lower temps?, notice it’s spread to your Fan leaf as well!, Could be a lockout of “P” causing micro/macro issues and/or A Fungal disease., cut the bad growth allow to heal! :sunglasses:

Welcome George to the Magical Mystery Tour site…A bit of exaggeration here…

@George possibly phosphorus deficiency

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Pick the leaves off the plant to start. Why leave diseased (possible) on the plant. If the same thing comes back then deal with it. It is ard to say what it is from a picture.

Thanks for the update pic. You are good. I would not sweat that at all.:point_left:

I agree w lilmic that may be a touch of P deficiency. Since it’s not in all the leaves I would NOT do anything drastic. I suspect the sun burn spots you can also see on that leaf is disrupting the plant a lil maybe causing the purple there (looks purple this time).

Don’t p blast the plant with mega bloom or it will cause another problem. I would add molasses and splash of milk once a week to give it a gentle organic low dose of phosphorus. Both have phosphorus. :milk_glass:

I would still reduce the dczymes sprays to once a week on those leaves in my humble opinion.

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