What Can i do with this grow family?

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Greens for smoothies, can make tincture / edibles if there is any worthwhile thc in them, Use them to roll joints -like thai stick–we used to strip a thin branch off the plants, stick buds on them, wrap in the leaves, dip in sugarwater, dry,remove (slide the stick/stem out…it burns slower and you can flick it off if you want to leave them in. We even used to pull string off the stems and use that to wrap / secure the buds to the thin branches


4oz blueberry yogurt-4-6 Oz frozen or fresh blueberry, strawberry, banana and pineapple mix- 2-3 tbsps sugar or honey- 3-5 tbsps cranberry juice ( I know, I know, but it’s good). Use ice if fresh fruit used 3-5 cubes- add leaf and mix. Full of anti-oxidants and tastes great.

Thanks guys for the info…much needed!!! 2x🤙

Compost baby. That’s the first layer for next years lasagna de compost. Layered w the stems. It’s all the nutrients cannabis could want. Backfill it in a trench with light layer of soil or cardboard (Amazon boxes are carbon blast to the garden). Or better yet throw in some char (empty out that old carbon filter it’s black gold char!). In 2-3 weeks there is nothing left but fat worms and richer for it soil.

Cover crop with some spinach or kale or clover if you are itching to sprout something. Turn it over if it gets too tall or looks weedy to the wife. Oooh Swiss chard is a good one too. It gets as purple as the buds in the cold. Harvest repeat.

I also often make anaerobic tea. I fill a 5 gal bucket of fresh leaves packed stiff. Then I top it with water, some table scraps, and a splash of urine for the cap. If I have any extra char laying around a pack it in there now too… Put on a loose lid and put it behind the Tumblr for a couple of weeks. All the leaves break down into a terrible smelling anaerobic goo. That’s great for the garden. But do it when it’s raining because it’s pretty rich and it smells bad. The rain is a great way to work it in and mix it with your other microbes. By the way you do not want to do this one indoor.
This is just for the outdoor growers👈.

And do that exact same recipe but in the summer I substitute noxious dandelion weeds and blackberries for the Sun leaves and stems. In an anaerobic goo they break down incredibly fast. My plants always love it if I hit them with it on a rainy day. And anytime the garden is fallow. Sorry if that felt like a tangent. That’s what I do with all my sun leaves and stems. It’s the circle of life.:recycle:

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Dry it.out good.crush.it up.small.give it.to.ur.pets.on.there.food.good.for.them.exspeclly.cats.they love it.