What are those hairs on the first picture by where the fan leaves used to be

Also there appears to be lil trichs forming on the main stem and the two from topping. Shitty pic but any guesses??

Those are clones not seeds

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Didnt think they were seeds, i know its female, and i have no male plants in my garden, someone just told me that those were preflower. And that id be flowering in the next week or so.

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There are 3 form of trichomes formed on the Cannabis plant. The ones along the stems and lightly covering the leaves are just straight up small hairs, no top on them. They serve to protect the plant from insects and to stop animals from eating the leaves, and protect it from UV light.

If you magnify them enough you will see the difference in the trichs.

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@Rye I was wondering what those hairs were that weren’t developing tops like other trichomes myself as well. Thanks for the info!