What are the best seeds to grow in Colorado

Didn’t we have any beer I am new to growing and I live in Colorado I already have a tent with many many plants indoor and outdoor have a small Greenhouse outside I have a small tent inside I am using Joker and most that I have planted have ended up being male I know the trick to tell male from female seeds now I wish I’d known that before but I just want to know if anyone has any recommendations on what is the best type of seeds to grow hair in Colorado

Sorry the first sentence was supposed to say I am new to here

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Welcome to the site. :slight_smile:
It sounds like you have all ready plunged into the deep end and have some great grow toys. I am in Washington, but have a good friend in Colorado not on this site. He grows arise, strawberry starburst, and strawberry cough. Or those are at least what he likes.

Anyway I am sure someone nearer to you could chime in from actual experience.

I do think Durban poison is hard to go wrong, especially if u like sativa. But I admit my bias.

:laughing: Hi @Jessii !! That was quite the sentence. Welcome!

If you can grow indoors or out, you can basically take your pic. I’m really happy with the seeds I’ve gotten from HGCC.

In the long run it sounds like you have enough setup to grow as much as you need. So what do you need? Just growing your own smoke, or do you have like pain or anything? Certain cultivars can be better for this condition or that.

Grow whatever suits you best. Or a variety if you want to try different things.