Wet trim vs dry trim

So I am thinking about how to trim my bud when it is ready. I think I might wet trim all the big stuff and dry trim the sugar leaves before cure. I need some opinions preferences etc. Please how do you do it and why. Thanks in advance. Are there videos?

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Hi @MoOG John. I’m new, but I dry trimmed my 1st plant; BIG mistake lol. This last harvest I wet trimmed; MUCH better. I’ll trim again when I put in jars.

Been hanging 2 days.


Good luck with your harvest, keep us posted


I haven’t dry trimmed much. Why was it a mistake? I was considering it this go around.

Everything was dried around itself. Big sugar leaves were hard to get out between bud. But I’ve only trimmed 2 so far lol


I am not sure there is a wrong way. I just want input on both methods in order to have good quality bud and some tricomes for edibles and balm


Hahaha! Never mind. I will continue to wet trim because I know exactly what you are talking about. I would probably rip the buds to shreds trying dry.

I gotcha. I use my biomass for edibles/balms. I’m too selfish to give up my buds.

That is what I am worried about. My first harvest coming. Never trimed before


Everyone has their methods. I’ve missed a leaf or two in the past and run into what @Adcrag is mentioning above. They do tend to dry together like glue when left in tact.

Thanks peeps. I think it will be easier for my 73 year old hands to wet trim. Less chance of messing up the bud


I do a little of both. Between mid flower and harvest I finger pinch the fan leaves off as they yellow and die. After a while you will get to know by feel when they pop right off with the pinch. I think this is important as minimal stress inducer to increase potency :slightly_smiling_face:
You go from this:

To this in 3 or 4 weeks to harvest

Chop, wet trim larger sugar leaf ends
wash baking soda/water,
wash H2O2/lemon/water
wash plain water
drip dry then into drying area

Dry for 10-14 days below 70 degrees and 60 RH. The cooler and longer the better!

Snap test the smaller stems to test dryness.
Then a little dry trim keeping scissors parallel to the flower.
I like to leave some of the sugar leaves sticking out a bit (loose trim) to help protect the flower during the curing phase.

During the cure process flowers will shrink more…
After curing you can still trim it down closer if you are looking for bag appeal but honestly those sugar leaves have lots of trichomes.

I save all my trimming in a paper bag, after it dries I decarb and soak in Everclear overnight. Green Dragon!

Happy Harvesting!


I just took down my GSC Auto. I wet trim and do a little dry trim later or put them in my coffee can and place in my kids rock tumbler…does a great job
Sometimes I DRY trim.If I have a hard time with Rh levels, I leave the leaves on so they stop the buds from drying too fast. On stuff like GDP, I wet trim them HARD as GDPurple loves to go to mold easily

I hung her today in her dry tent - 55F and 60Rh. My dry box is outside and will go down to upper 40’s F and high at 65 F. I put frozen milk containers in on warmer days to keep the temp down. I use wet towels, water jars and sometimes the ArticFans that use water, not the iceblock ones


@MoOG :rofl::+1:t4:I hear ya man. Make sure you have good light; that’ll help you :eyes:. Keep us posted.

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@MoOG I wet trim everything that does not have trichomes on it, and hang individual branches cut from the main stalk. When finished with the initial 7-10 day drying time, based on the snap branch technique for determining when ready, I then break the buds off the stems and gently rub the buds with latex gloves on and the sugar leaves fall off, if they don’t then I trim with scissors. The sugar leaves I use for my early in the day smoke or when fishing or hunting and the buds are for later on when I want to relax. I have done it this way for years not saying this is the best way but it is one way that does work.


Well I will not argue with a retired old guy since I am a retired old guy. Actually that might be the plan. Does rubbing them off lose trichomes? Thanks so much


Hey John…yes rubbing will cause some trichomes to fall off even if you are gentle and even if you trim with scissors. I just have to touch the sugar leaves and the sticky that forms on the gloves just pulls the leaves right off so not much handling. I have a trim bin I use to capture and collect this while trimming. I then sprinkle this in my sugar leaf container, waste not want not as our mama’s always said :slight_smile:

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I will try this thanks

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