Well that was scary

I let them go one more overnight between watering, and one of my eight week old plants went into shutdown mode. Leaves as droopy as a retiree without viagra, fan leaves resembled a bat hanging on a wall, asleep. So the gallon of water with nutes I’d mixed up yesterday morning and left uncapped to gas off chlorine was employed, giving each of the two pots a good watering.
In less than an hour the leaves are almost horizontal. I’d say they’re 3/4 back to normal. Whew! I was having visions of being forced to an earth chop.
Lesson? A good interval between watering is a great way to build a strong root system. But if you go too long, that root system will still run out of water. Thankfully it can also recover quickly.


i let mine get droopy before watering, then they reach to the sky.

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