Well nuts ! I think one of the girls turned hermaphrodite

I left a male to pollinate my plants and instead one turned into a male. Is this common? I was hoping they’d cross pollinate.

If you put a MALE in with females, they do not TURN MALE, they SEED!!!

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Welcome to MalCart…please be SEEDED. Thank you. :v:t2: :white_flower:

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That looks like a classic rooster in the hen house. I have had “female” looking nodes at preflower trick me and be a full male plenty of times. The trick is to get it out of there before any of those open up. I think you are about 2-3 weeks too late. You are committed now to a seed run. You will be well stocked. Store each plants seeds in separate containers after harvest and label them. Then you can go back and play more with your favorites.

It is a total coincidence that other male and the timing. Not related. You had 2 males if the other released pollen too.

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I know that was an accident. But I only run one male at a time. So we have no daddy questions later on. But I like to offer up a cut of each keeper girl clone. To each stud.

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Watch that pollen…It can HANG around for a while…clothes, walls, containers, air ducts, etc…It can take down more than 1 grow…Just a precaution


I knew the blue nina in the background was male. The flo in front I thought was female. Like you were saying it had female looking nodes, I planed to get seeds of my favorite varieties but then I noticed the nodes were dropping nuts. SMDH the flo was one of my favorite day medicine’s oh well the girls are still looking good.

Yeah i was going to clean everything before I run anymore plants in it.

I can’t imagine what a chore cleaning pollen from an indoor setup is. You probably have to rinse everything with a mister to deactivate the pollen. I have no idea how long it would stay viable lingering in the corners.

I do it outside under a temp greenhouse in the winter. Instead of a tent or spare room. MAINLY so I can just flip it over in the rain and let Mother Nature wash it all off. It also rinses my seeded plants in the rain too before I move them back inside the proper greenhouse or spare “grow aquarium” in the garage. To ripen. This trick would not work in colder places.

I don’t play w pollen anymore while my main harvest is growing. It is too easy to spread. I have had pollen miles away offsite @ friends house for harvest. Return home, shower and fresh clothes. Gently put a paper bag with a small stamen cluster over a lower female branch. Remove pollen days later by carefully putting a big ziplock bag around as I carefully back the paper one off and seal it up. I shit you not, seeds in all 18 plants in the raised beds. No good. Had to buy buds those years😂. Now seed runs are my excuse to the wife for the winter grows.

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