Well it happened

Lost my other plant tonight somehow… Now all i have is this one.

What’s going on with your plants? Any information on soil, nutrients, lighting, or environment? I’d like to try to help you keep this last one.

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Looked perfectly healthy the last time i checked on em… Soil is an organic blend of gaia green, and earthworm castings, ph is 6.7, using dechlorinated water with fox farm grow big nutes every 8 days using 2 teaspoons per gallon of water, 300 watt full spectrum led light 16 inches away, looked great, other one still does. I think it got infected by something when i cut those fan leaves off.

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@Cachewithers that’s a lot of nutrients for an auto especially with that soil setup. You would have been fine without nutrients for over a month. Sounds like nitrogen toxicity more than anything. Fox Farms grow big is 6-4-4 npk and should only be used at 1/4 strength for autos until they’re in their 2nd week of veg then you go 1/2 strength at 3rd/4th week. Then adjust after that for the plants needs during flower.

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Also, with young seedlings and veging plants nitrogen toxicity doesn’t burn right away. The leaves just get a super dark green and start to feel almost waxy. They have to live through nitrogen toxicity to get nutrient burn.

What is your watering schedule?

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Watering when dry, about avery 3 days or 4

Also it isnt an auto, those were hairs from stressing it too much.

I was going off of your last post about getting auto seeds. Even photos don’t need that much at first with your soil setup.

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I thought they might be autos but now i dont think they are.

@Cachewithers i hear everyone talk about Stress :v: