Weird leaves title must be at least 15 characters.....ok

I think this is the plant that had a leaf with half white when i first sprouted. Is Super Lemon Haze.
Any idea of what it could be.

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Hey whats the problem you cant send the picture?

It says its to big. Now that i think of it i had the problem before and was led in the correct direction. Says something about using a cloud service.

Try downloading adobe scan and save as jpeg it will work

Download adobe scan and save as jpeg it will work then

Got Image compressor. Thank you.

No seed. Started with a hald white leave.

Do you have them on a timer?

Maybe some of the guys will help more that you have a picture.

Yea the picture is there. Of course i have a timer. Look at the picture. Not looking for questions looking for answers.

In order to find answers people are gonna ask questions thats how you figure out problems. Sorry i even message you.

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Maybe dont take it personally. Your asking questions and not looking.

Your picture isnt showing everything this is what i see

Maybe adding alittle more info would help.

Any one else feel free to mention if you have an idea. The two deformed leaves in the center say it all.

Ya it look like a fucked up leaf top it.

Could be maybe spilled water on it while the lights were on.

It looks like a healthy cannabis plant except for that discolored leaf. I’ve always had some issue but tried to continue with watering with proper PH and hopefully right nutrients then eventually voila buds that make me happy. Looks good, nip that sucker off and let her rock!

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Thank you. Was thinking the same thing. I still wonder about the white in the beginning. When it first sprouted. Maybe my water. Something is off they got to fix it. Slow proccess with plumers. Im thinking mayne some extea chlorine. I can still smell it after the ro system. Will be happy when the water is fixed.

Deformed leaves… generally if one or two not a problem. I would first look to ph.

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