Weird brown sticky substance on fan leaf

Whats up home growers!!! Hope everyone has been having great success this year so far! I was checking on my plants yesterday and found one fan leaf with a strange brown spot on it. Closer inspection revealed a couple smaller spots as well. The large spot is about the size of a pea and is sticky. I couldn’t just rub it off and my initial thought was it probably is something left over from an insect of some kind. I’ve been dealing with moths and thrips this year and been spraying my plants every week to prevent further damage from them. I did a lot research and I haven’t found anything about this type of substance. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to what it might be?
P.S. I dont know what strain it is. Seed came from a bud from the dispensary, but I was mixing strains together so it could be a Rainbow Cookies or Blackwater OG.