Week 5 of flowering

This is my start to week 5 things seem on track but I fill like things should be bigger might just be me. Plants under farmurs 1200 led had a bit of a problem with temp and himdity but then I turned the ac on things are dropping.


I think you’ve got a beautiful grow going. Are these autos? I really struggle with plant size because of what I see here. I grow autos and so far they grow to about 24 inches – that’s it. They seem soooo small.

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Beautiful Plants! Draw a plant on a soccer ball… call it Wilson : ) Tom Hanks on the Island…

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Autos are strange. But they are autos. They’ll try to move to the next stage, ready or not. That can result in two footers completely normal, just small, or a three plus footer with wicked stretch, spiral cola, etc. word, the short, fat sister is the bomb. Stretch? Not so much.