Week 4 update w/15 characters

I bought a mix pack from HGC–Magic autoflower mix…Bubblegum, og kush and jack herer…I like all 3, but the jack herer is my favorite…I like to grow autos indoors and photos outdoors…Outdoors less hassle and big yields,but less taste…Indoors more hassle and less yields, but a whole lot of taste…I’ve seeded all 10 of my seeds…I will keep 5 and give away the rest…GSC,Gelato and no-name seeds are in cups…Now I can order more seeds…I like the HGC variety mix packs.Sorry to have gotten off subject…I like the Purple Bud,one of last years grow, for late night sleepy time…I also like the Jack Herer for the taste and the shake&bake…Whatever I order will be good I’m sure…Happy hunting

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:heart_eyes:my happiness for you is bordering on jealousy. They look great!

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:rofl::rofl: good to know lol about the smell

I’m new to this I’d like to grow and make various foods with it.

Welcome @msronit , you’ll like it here.