Week 4 going to 5

Are they to small? Are they foxtailing? Should I bring lights down or turn them up? Idk…guess I’m mainly asking is if I’m doing good so far haha


Looking good! I would check in to lollipopping, it helps your top buds swell. Just be careful clipping too many leaves at a time. Happy growing!

Looks good !! I seen the week up top!

mot foxtailing…
size - depends on strain / genus / container size / substrate composition / feeding / lights
you have nice stigma formation!
Buds thicken when winter starts setting in
what is winter? Less light…winter only affords 8 hrs of light so if you start giving more dark-time, the result is bud thickening as it prepares for winter. Temps…lower temps thickens buds…60-65F daytime, 50-55F night. Colder soil…neat trick is to water with ice cubes…you can even freeze nutes if you desire (liquid feeding). P&K increase, N reduction…gets them ready for winter
How thick they get is going to be based on strain / genus and the tricks outlined. If you are in small pots (1 or 2 or even 3 gal), they won’t get that big. But they can still be POTENT