Week 3 and plants dont look well

Added big bloom first week as directed and big grow along with big bloom 2nd week light is 24" off of top set and temp 74° humidity 50%. I know when watering with nutes some touched leaves thats where i see burn on lower leaves. The drooping leaves worry me. Please advise. Also this is a new organic potting soil when we water it comes out black out of the bottom of the pots. I throw water out instead of letting it sit.

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Just water for a while, but don’t overwater. The dark runoff means the soil is rich. Adding nutes early in veg while your soil is still feeding the plant can overload it and cause the plant to shut down. The directions on the big bloom are probably for if you are growing in coco. Good luick and enjoy.


I trust no soil other than Happy Frog. Tried “organic” once and it was a disaster. I never feed now until light flip. Has not failed me yet since I started doing it. Too many soil companies claim organic as a selling point but many are too strong for these plants at seedling stage.

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Hi, looks like you are running on deficiencies already (maybe nute lock out?) Have you tried that soil before? Looks like it has too big chunks of bark/wood chips or whatever that is.
I would blame the soil, they looks like they are not doin photosynthesis properly.

May take a while but I would bet the do better. No nutes needed for about 6 weeks.

I wish i coukd have striped all tge soil off the root ball.
On a new note the seed store I went to carries all supplies i will ever need for soil or hydro

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These were topped before better soil so the topping shoots are looking well

8 days post happy frog soil transfer and the girls are looking great. The second topping is almost ready to go. Thanks for all the help here.