Weaving Plants Together

Has anyone ever heard about weaving growing plants together to reduce the grow height, making the plants into a hedge? I’ve been told this can be done, I know ZERO about growing but this concerns me, at the least it would inhibit natural or artificial lighting getting in to the plants…any thoughts?


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I have SCROGed and SOG (Sea of Green) where we trim / weave the tops through netting to create a canopy of tops that are all the same height. It will look like a trimmed hedge if done properly. We defoliate the undergrowth and all nutrition goes tot he tops / buds. It increases bud formation, strength and potency. The only light that matters is the light the CANOPY is exposed to. The undergrowth does not really contain anything worth keeping, it just robs nutrition from the place where the plant best utilizes it


Thank you Mike, I’ve heard of the sea of green and I will prepare for it. As an aside, that Chevy is a beauty…LOVE the blue color.


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Thanks…not many know what is is…takes an aficionado to know
here is a better pic with my son at the wheel…

and one with my wife…yeah, I let her drive it, she is a good driver

we are at PepBoys getting a new hose…the blower kept rubbing against the line. I was able to find a stainless steel lined rad hose


Be like Mike ^ Cute lady who ever she is ←

@Mrb53004 that’s a 57 Bel Air convertible. Looks like you hot rodded it too. Gotta super charge that V8. :joy:

@Newbiegrower I’ve used a few methods of scrog like this.

You top and fim multiple times and before you flower you trim all the under brush and foliage below the third node.

If you use LST and chicken wire for the scrog you can get a plant that looks like a bushy shrub pretty easy.

Works pretty good with trellis nets and wooden trellises too.

Thank you @MDBuds I am grateful to you and @MrB53004 for your advise. As a first time grower on a very limited budget and being old as dirt at 65, I can use all the ingenious help I can get. But I learn fast and in three or four grows with all this advise will ultimately build a great and repetitive grow of at least 100 plants two to three times a year.


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