Watering Plants

I catch rain water and use it to water my plants. The plants surely like it? I use a digital watering system.

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Depending on the area you live in and the air quality rain water can either be great or it can be toxic for your plants because rain pulls hydrocarbons and other pollutants out of the air as it falls.

So let’s say if you live in CA right now with all of these fires and air quality issues I’d suggest solar stilling it and getting rid of the hydrocarbons first before remineralising with some cal mag.

If you live in an area with good air quality I’d say it’s safe but you should always test it before use. Catching it in a basin is great but I wouldn’t use a runoff catch because it takes minerals and possible pollutants from the top soil with it.

Pretty much it just depends on where you live if the rain water is safe to use.


My dad does too, use rainwater I meen…I however have gotten lazy, I found out that dasani bottled water hovers at about 6.4 and it’s only 5$ for a 24pk of 500ml bottles and I’ve been using this water for a few grows n no issues whatsoever

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I collect and use rain water in the outside garden, but for my inside grow and starting seeds inside I only use RO/DI. I can tell a difference between using the 2 waters when starting any seedlings, the rain watered plants definitely start slower but then after about 2-3weeks they take off more than the ones using filtered water. However I lose more seedlings in the first 2 weeks, from various issues using the rain water, alot more. I think it has to do with the PH and nitrogen content of the water at that young stage.

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I use to do the same alot of virus i took my rain barrel and put city water in it keep alot of the bacteria out and alot of the chemical avaporate and i add water ever week or so and i mix nutrient in buckets in grow room

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@Stones72 Welcome!!!

Eggs my RO system went down. I am buying distilled water at $1 per gallon. I have not done the math yet but there is NO waste like with my old RO. I see the new ones are 1:1. I have to add up the cost of water in my municipality and figure in RO waste. I may just keep buying distilled. Supermarket brands…

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