Watering fabric pots

How much and how often should I water 1 gallon fabric pots? Guy at build a soil said I should water 5-10% of the pot size. So in a hundred gallon pot I should give 5 to 10 gallons. So in a 1 gallon pot I should give about 6 to12 ounces of water? I’m in seedling, just transplanted from solo cups

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Just wet it. Down good feel of the weight first then water feel of it again when she’s wet will be heavy for sure :ok_hand:

In seedling stage, I treat plants the same regardless of pot size. You don’t want to soak the soil too much, promote mold, etc, because the roots aren’t spread enough to use the water. So I water enough to create a wet spot about as big as the plant. As the plant grows water more at a time, until eventually you’re watering all the soil.

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Yeah I hear u. Its a pain because I got this new sprayer to water so I can prevent the water coming out the sides of the pots but its hard to get an accurate measurement of how much I watered. Trying not to go to runoff because its BuildASoil and the guy there recommended against it

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I never liked fabric pots for that reason they dry out faster more o2 getting to.the roots is A+ just watering them.becomes a hassel good luck with your pksnts

Yeah there’s pros and cons for sure. Plus plastic is way easier to transplant

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Yes plus easyer to handle looks like fabric would kinda go lop sided after so long being wet I used one once I needed up repotteing her into s nursery pot

Yeah they can go lopsided. I got the ac infinity ones and they’re a step above in quality compared to my old ones, much thicker feeling, and they already have eye ring holes for training. Its my first time with them, I like em. I’m gonna do a weed manifold this time so those holes are gonna be clutch


I noticed that grow bags need more water outdoors. But they are heating up and drying under the sun. The plants in ground don’t get the heat and can have deeper roots. I have plans in grow bags for fear of an early frost, easy enough to take them inside to finish.

I like fabric pots. If I accidentally water until excess ends up in the saucer, I wait a few hours, then, using a turkey baster, suck the water out of 5he saucer, and put it back in the pot. Never had rot, and saving the water saves it from nutrients being washed out.

Yeah I’m trying to go real light on watering this time around. So far I’m doing good on it. Plants r working on their 4th node and looking great. I’m liking these ethos genetics. Strawberry OG Cookies. All 4 seeds are looking pretty much exactly the same. 1 plant is a tiny bit behind but like just hours behind lol

I use nothing but rag pots and I think 1 gal is only good for early veg. She will go pot-bound before flower. Look at your dripline (the extent of your leafs) and that will tell you where the root ball is at. You don’t want it up against the walls of the pot because it will spiral and entangle itself. Not good.

As far as watering, I use drench/drain/drought.
When I water, (I use rainwater from my roof cistern), I pour hard right along the main drench) This flushes a lot of stratified chemicals and any accumulation of mold, out. It also creates new air channels. (Drain) I have a catch tray to catch the run-off for which there is plenty.
I wait a couple of days until all has dried, and the catch is bone dry (drought) and start the entire cycle over again.
I have had great success with this method for both autos and photos.

What do you think about this plant? I’m concerned about the leaves yellowing

I strictly use living soil. I.e. MixASoil
It gets me out of the neut business.

Yellow is usually low N (nitrogen). Over watering can flush it away. You might add a little with your next watering.

That is why I use MixASoil. I try to eliminate as many variables as I can.

I’m in a 15 gallon filled with coast of maine Stonington Blend with matching nutes. Doing a longer veg with 1 plant in a 4x4 scrog.

I’m thinking it’s underwatered because I just gave 1.5 gallons today and now she’s looking a lot perkier. I usually give a gallon every 3 or 4 days. Probably gonna change to the build a soil method of 5% of soil volume in water every day so thats 3/4 gallon a day, see how that works. My root system is thriving, even got a few breaking the surface so I’m sure I’m probably edge to edge by now

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