Watering during flower

Do I need to add more water during the flowering stage? I feed every 2 days 1 gallon, should I add a liter of water on the off days?

Just Cycle wet to dry. When my plants wilt slightly then I water again.

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As above, cycle wet to dry.
Learn to read leaves for moisture content. Here’s how I observe and manage mine.
My goal is to water before they look like the wilting outer leaves of lettuce in the market. When leaves are limp and dry, the soil like a brick, ya went one day too far. What yer looking for, is that transition from the upper leaves outstretched like they’re gathering up the light, the stems rigid, one day past that, your plant is thirsty. Overwater will also cause leaves to wilt. The difference that’s patently obvious? Your soil is soaked, and it’s been at least eight hours since watering, and they’re not getting better right away. Best r3medy at that point is drain any excess water from the saucer, and get a fan blowing on the leaves, encouraging evaporation and circulation. You’ll get it.


Thank you it looks like every thing stays the same as veg stage.