Water bottom up -- fabric pots

Ok. Watering is a hassle. Mess everywhere. Fabric bags. Is there an easier way? Can I set the pots in some water and let it soak it up rather than top water? Hefting 15 pots into the sink seems like a bigger hassle. Help – tips, tricks.

Hey @GrnyGrows I fill a 5gallon bucket with water and let it sit for a day, then use and old cream cheese tub to hand water my plants!
My bucket has lines on the outside I just marked with a marker pen at 4liter, 8liter, 12 and 16 so I can fill to one of those lines and add my nutes. Stir and serve, just like soup!

Think you can do an automatic setup for roughly 200 bucks and not have to worry about it. I love watering personally though

@GrnyGrows if you’re using fabric pots you can just get big saucers for them and set the pots in the saucers then bottom water from the saucer with 5-10% of the soil volume directly into the saucer and let the pot and soil wick it up.

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