Water and pruning

I think it’s 102 with the heat index today & i decided to prune/trim my 9 week old lady (not in flower yet). I noticed she was a bit dry so i watered her. That wasn’t pointless, was it? She’ll still be able to utilize the drink of water??? I usually water only in morning, but i just don’t think i gave her enough for this hot weather were having. Should i give more tonight if she’s dry or wait till morning??

picture before…

picture after…

Did I do ok?? I’m a newbie so be nice!!


A light spray from a misting bottle with a protectant wouldn’t hurt. You want to defoliate a little at a time and wait a couple, few days in between. If you take too many leaves, it can stres her out and cause some issues. It’s always a learning experience. Good luck and happy growing!


@Jram_13 I dust it dry every few days all over under leaves & over. I should stop doing that you’re saying? It was keeping all pests away so well. I’m scared the bugs will come if i don’t have some preventive.

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If it works, don’t fix it. Sounds like you have a good system. Just don’t take too many leaves at one pruning.

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Ok… So she looks ok with how i pruned her? I took just a few more of the little ones off the stems, but that was it. Then i gave her a little water. She looks a little droopy now. I hope i didn’t injure her too bad. :thinking::slightly_frowning_face: What should I do if i did? Any tips? Or will she bounce back after i give her some nutes in the morning?