Warming mats for germination

I use my workshop for all things grow-related, and my workshop is not as warm as the rest if the house during the winter and we keep the house at 68 degrees in the winter anyway. I have a small warming mat I use for seedlings when I start them for the garden in February. The mat works exceptionally well and I have found it maintains a very consistent temperature. I have put it to work now as a heating element in the grow cabinet and darned if that cabinet doesn’t hold a steady 75 like it was made for this task.

I watched Kyle Kushman’s video on germination and he said to keep the seeds at around 70-77 degrees, which is the sweet spot for the mat. However, I wonder if, with two plates semi-sealing the seeds and water in the sealed area, it wouldn’t get too hot for the seeds by retaining the heat rather than letting any escape.

Thoughts or experiences from experienced growers?


I germinate at room temp. Never had a problem. My germination ratio is about 95% . I think you could be too warm. I personally do not use a heat mat.

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If you’re popping them right in the soil, like veggie garden seeds, use the mat. It will dry out the paper towel too fast though. It might be ok if the plate isn’t sitting right on it.

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I used the mat for germ.i put peace of cardboard in underneath the plates and cover with a small box @Reefers works ok but i started putting my seed’s in my underwear drawer it works better for me but the mats work

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So you’re folding the seeds between two wet pieces of your Fruit of the Looms? Interesting technique, but I don’t think my wife would like it if I tried it.

I put them in a container

then put them in a drawer


12 hour soak in water then ceramic plate folded in wet paper towel on low setting heating pad… I haven’t germed 100’s but never had one not pop(paid for seed)

Lol think as long as you’re attentive there are many ways that are successful

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That was a joke about the Fruit of the Looms. Well, an attempt at one anyway.